Person Search Site Removal

satisfactionAlmost everything you do these days leaves a trace, especially your activities online. People search sites and services provide the general public with an alarming amount of data about you. Data brokers are people who collect your information to create and sell public profiles. This process, known as data mining, can lead to things like nuisance phone calls, telemarketing, direct mailing, spam and more seriously identity theft and even stalking.
Searching your name on any given “people finder” site will give you, your name, date of birth, family member names, current address, past addresses, phone number and gender. Some sites also display marital status, hobbies, online profiles, and maps or even photo of your house.
Many people finder sites will display enough information, so anyone with internet access can remotely view your life, home, or workplace with the click of a mouse.



Here are a few examples of these sites:



moneyback14So-called “people finder” and “background check” sites claim to be offering a useful free or paid service where someone can look up information to find relatives, find the owners of missing pets, where online daters check out potential dates, or where an employer can check out potential employees. However these sites post your personal information for anyone to see, and search, which is a dubious practice at best.
The complicated opt-out procedures for these sites, are intentionally intimidating for the average person, if not impossible in most cases.
With all that in mind we have created our people search site removal service. Our service is fast, reliable and 100% confidential. This reputation management package is aimed at small businesses and individuals who wish to have their information removed. For a more tailored service please contact us about our personal and business reputation management services.




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